Marriage is beautiful and intimacy stirs the whole thing up. However, it reaches a time where sex becomes like a forbidden action between married people when it should not. Sometimes it occurs during pregnancy period, after childbirth or when pockets go dry. Stress drifts two people apart and you will begin to be sexually starved without noticing.

Get close and get to know what is making you not realize that the spark you previously had is disappearing. It could be a physical condition knocking in like low libido levels, erectile dysfunction or vaginal pain and bleeding during sex. If this is it, seeing a doctor will be helpful. And after it a sex therapist might help. If none of this is the case, you can try these Top 5 Ways to Spice up Sex in Your Marriage:

Break the norm and change the old

Let curiosity take control and try out what you two have always wished to do. A blowjob? BDSM? Sex in the shower or in the car? The idea of experimentation lights the inner fire into a blaze and you will long for sex sessions. What about doing something away from sex that both of you enjoy? It is a form of bringing the two of you together. The usual plain sex in bed is a norm that has to be broken. It is boring.

Take Porn as a Stimulant

The web is full of pornography sites that have steamy videos of hot sex. In fact, for married people, an online adult store should be the right place to get porn videos for you and your partner. Watching erotic films together will stimulate both of you and get you ready for sex. You can pick ideas from videos that you can try. Reading erotica books or short stories will put you in the right mood too. Show the other side of yourself to your partner.


Talk Dirty

Some people find arousal from talking dirty to their partners. Speak out what feels bad and good and get an inclination from it. Women blush at being the ones in control during sex. It isn’t a problem. Teach her to express herself during sex. Let her tell you where to touch her. Tell her how you feel when she gives you a ride. Getting verbally nasty might just do magic to your love life.

Select Dates for Action

Busy schedules may make you drift from your lover without noticing. Select specific dates for sex and stick to it. Waiting to get into the mood for sex might get you waiting for a long time. It will even be better to write it as an event on your phone’s calendar so that an alarm notifies you of what is ahead. You can decide to change locations, play with different times and your sex life will surely blossom.

Sexting is Magical

Don’t be dumb and wait for him or her to always make the move. You can start of a striking sex session while on phone. Sexting is easy. Send a few texts accompanied with erotic photos and see what happens. It looks overrated but works in a magical way.